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About Hunterhelp
We are a company set up in 2004. Our core business is design and manufacture of digital bird calls and hunting accessories.

The majority of our employees practice traditional hunting and hunting photography. Our every design project starts out in the nature, in field conditions. Once it grows into a prototype, we test it in real-life conditions.

When designing our products, we rely on our years-long experience and the feedback we receive from hunters, animal photographers, and researchers. We are happy to announce the launch of Hunterhelp third generation digital bird calls.

Not only have we achieved high sales levels in Russia, but we also export our products to the CIS-countries and Western Europe.
Hunterhelp new generation digital bird calls
Hunterhelp digital bird calls boast a combination of competitive price, quality components, advanced technologies, and one-of-a-kind sound library.

Our new line of bird calls offers an array of functionalities that are unavailable to the majority of digital bird call producers. On the Russian market of digital bird calls, our products occupy a special place, enjoying popularity among hunters, photographers, and scientists.

We also offer a wide range of accessories – speakers, remote control sets, amplifiers, extension cables, auxiliary power units.
Own bird and animal sound libraries
In 2008 we set about recording animal and bird sounds out in the wild and have by now created a big record library that we continue to enlarge. We think this gives us a competitive advantage over domestic bird call manufacturers.

We continue recording and testing the wildlife sounds out in the nature, updating our libraries. Among the newly recorded sounds are those of geese (barnacle and bean goose) and hooved animals (Siberian stag, red deer, and dappled deer). For those who hunt predators, our Library 6 now offers the sounds of a mouse.
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