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Hunterhelp digital calls
HunterHelp calls are high-performance, loudspeaking, and reliable devices with advanced TFT displays.

They offer a range of new functions for professional hunters.

A dedicated, digital sound producing device, a Hunterhelp call is designed to lure wild fowl and animals for watching, photography, or culling for sanitary or research purposes.

These calls play digital sounds as tracks recorded on a plug-in memory card.
Product line
Hunterhelp S3
A basic model with one playback channel
Hunterhelp M3
A single-channel, remotely controlled bird/animal call
Hunterhelp Pro 3
A two-channel, remotely controlled bird/animal call
Function sets comparison
Hunterhelp third generation bird/animal calls offer a wide range of functions, each model installed with a specific function set. Please see table for functionalities.
Functions: detailed description
The availability of certain functions depends on a model
Available since 19 August 2016 (firmware version of 3.04, 3.1.4 and subsequent). Sets date and time for the start of a pre-selected sound, as well as number of repeats. At the intervals between repeats, the call is off to save battery.
TFT display
A new TFT display enables a more convenient control interface. Names of sounds are displayed in large print. The TFT display is suitable for operation at low temperatures.
Distortions do not occur even at minus 20 degrees C.
JBD (Jump between dynamics) automatically moves the balance between two channels until stopped.
Adjusts the speakers so as to achieve the most real-life sound. When used on ТК-9RU speaker, the equalizer enables quality imitation of, for instance, hazel hen.
Auto-brightness allows TFT display to save battery life while also making the display readable in any light conditions.
Sound amplifier
With a 10 W amplifier for each of the two channels, this option ensures quality sound undistorted even when played at the highest possible volume.
Sound mixing
Enhances the efficiency of luring. Using one single device, you can easily mix the sounds of a goose rookery with those of a single bird. A second channel allows fast switch to another sound.
Remote control
Extended battery power
The device is powered by six AA batteries. Its carefully considered energy saving solutions save batteries when in standby mode, which, in turn, enables several days long operation without having to replace the batteries.
Water and dust resistance
Our specially designed, rubberized housing protects the electronic elements of the device from moisture and dirt. All plug connectors are covered with special caps. All junctions of the housing parts are sealed with rubber material. As long the caps are on, the device will remain functioning even in water.
Professional track recording format
Enables a quality playback of wildlife sounds while preserving all their partials. Recording quality: DVD audio. Bitrate: 6 bits. Sampling frequency: 48 kHz.
Several playback modes
Enable sound tuning to achieve a sound as real-life as possible. Use the dedicated menu to select between paused, uninterrupted or repeated playback modes.
External power supply
External power (from a 12 V battery) is supplied through a special plug connection. External power supply is recommended when having the device playing for extended periods of time.
Activate the required sound by one click only! This new function allows one click playing of a pre-programmed track.
User files playback
You will find this option useful if you are going to play your own library.