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Broadband speaker Hunterhelp Alfa
Maximum power of 60 W!
One broadband Hunterhelp Alfa replaces three speakers needed to attract to elk, hazel hen and other fowl. It generates all sound frequencies ranging from the lowest to the highest.

Compatible with digital bird calls other than Hunterhelp.

In designing Hunterhelp Alfa we followed the current import-substitution trends: its design, assembly, and quality control stages took place in Russia.
A 10% capacity increase due to:
  1. The increased diameter of speaker coil. While Italian speakers are installed with 37 mm diameter coil, ours with 39.4 mm;
  2. And the use of domestically produced, hyperthermal material. The housing of speaker coil is made of polyamide film (Kapton counterpart).
The increased surface area of the membrane has enabled us to expand the lower frequency range limit.
While Italian speakers have the lower frequency range limit of 900 Hz (-6dB), ours have that of 570 Hz (-6dB).
The use of the domestically produced material for the membrane (Kevlar counterpart) has enabled an expanded frequency range.
While Italian speakers' frequency range equals 11000 Hz (-6dB), ours 14000 Hz (-6dB).
Power: up to 60 W
The volume is now ample enough to lure game from any distance
Cable length: 5 metres
Dedicated, frost-resistant cable
Plug: 3.5 mm jack
Compatible with digital bird/animal calls other than Hunterhelp