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Hazel Grouse Calls Hunterhelp SEMЁRKA and TriTon
High-performance, quality devices, Hunterhelp SEMЁRKA and TriTon are this fall's favorites
A hunter knows a good animal call when he sees one
Many of our employees practice traditional hunting and hunting photography. Our every design project starts out in the nature, in field conditions. Once it grows into a prototype, we test it in real-life conditions.
Our experience and operation of animal calls started in 2004. When designing our products, we rely on the feedback we receive from hunters, animal photographers, and researchers.
We are pleased to present Hunterhelp SEMЁRKA and TriTon
Manual adjustment

The sound node of each of our devices is tuned using a tool as precise as jeweler's tools. Each device undergoes careful, dedicated tuning.
Sound production

Our bird calls are easy to wind. With immaculate sound production quality, they to produce male and female sounds as true-to-life as possible.

The material we used for our bird calls is brass tube rolled in Germany. To protect the pipe and the sound node from corrosion, each device has received a nickel coat.
Affordable price

Prices start from EUR 7, making our bird calls 1.5 times cheaper than their counterparts. The devices go with a sling and convenient packaging design.
Give up on old decoys. Choose high-performance devices
Bird hunters will agree that hazel grouse makes one of the species that are most fascinating and easy to hunt in terms of hunting grounds and required gear. In this gear, the hazel grouse call or whistle, or simply pipe, as it would often be referred to earlier, is an essential element.

There exists a great number of self-made, amateur hazel grouse calls, some made of bones, needle hubs or tree branches. In skillful hands they all produce pretty good sound but at the same time they all share one big drawback – shorter service life caused by the softness and the fragility of the material used in making their sound nodes.

More reliable are hazel grouse calls that are made of metal tube. Provided that they receive proper treatment and their sound node proper tuning, such calls prove to be performing perfectly.

The material for our Hunterhelp SEMЁRKA call is brass tube rolled in Germany. The pipe and sound node are nickel plated for better corrosion protection. The pipe has a sling aperture.

The core of any wind call is its sound node. The one installed in Hunterhelp SEMЁRKAs is metal and tuned manually. Because each of Hunterhelp SEMЁRKA sound node is tuned individually, with the use of a dedicated jewelry tool, Hunterhelp SEMЁRKAs are easy to wind and capacble of producing most realistic male and female sounds.

Hunterhelp TriTon represents a set of three hazel grouse calls, each with different tuning. It is a more advanced version of Hunterhelp SEMERKA.

For the ease of operation, Hunterhelp TriTon is colored three different colors. The orange is for high-pitched sounds, the silvery for middle-pitched (same tuning as on Hunterhelp SEMERKA), and the black is for low-pitched sounds of a female hazel grouse.

Hunterhelp TriTon has been tested out in natural conditions and has proven to be able to produce all basic sounds and tones needed for successful hunting.
Easier done than said. Here is some of the feedback from experienced hunters:
«I was very much surprised to see the male running, not flying, to my whistle»
Maxim Bashko
Director at YEGER Armorer Shop
Last spring I was hunting geese and ducks in Arkhangelsk Region, Russia. Some of those hunting trips had me hiking through the woods and marshes. During one of those hikes, when I made a stop, I decided to test a hazel grouse call I was presented by Hunterhelp guys. Well, my impression cannot be understated.
I should say I'm not an expert of hunting hazel hen but that sound of male hazel grouse was quite easy to produce. I was very much surprised to see the male running, not flying, to my whistle. It's a pity they don't allow hunting hazel grouse in spring time.