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Voices library Hunterhelp
In 2008 we set about recording animal and bird sounds out in the wild and have by now created a big record library that we continue to enlarge. We think this gives us a competitive advantage over domestic bird call manufacturers.

We continue recording and testing the wildlife sounds out in the nature, updating our libraries. Among the newly recorded sounds are those of geese (barnacle and bean goose) and hooved animals (Siberian stag, red deer, and dappled deer). For those who hunt predators, our Library 6 now offers the sounds of a mouse.

Also you can always update voices library and firmware by https://www.arsenal.hunterhelp.biz

Our voices library includes many different voices of birds
and animals
See the table by type
Attention! We will make a map for the electronic game calls for your requirements

  • white-fronted goose (specklebelly)
  • bean goose
  • gray goose
  • barnacle goose
  • brent goose
  • canada goose

  • mallard duck
  • pintail
  • wigeon
  • shoveler
  • common teal
  • garganey teal
  • golden eye
  • bluebill
  • tufted duck
  • common pochard
  • scoter
  • white-winged scoter
  • black scoter
  • sheld duck

  • hazel grouse
  • white grouse
  • black grouse
  • capercaillie

  • quail
  • grey grouse
  • pheasant
Other birds

  • crow
  • woodcock
  • wood pigeon
  • nightingale
  • skylark
  • songthrush
  • redstart
  • hedge-sparrow
  • warbler
  • anthus trivialis

  • wolf
  • fox
  • brown bear
Hoofed animals

  • red deer
  • far eastern red deer
  • royal red deer
  • roedeer
  • wild pig
  • elk

  • badger
  • wounded blue hare
  • wounded brown hare
As we are recording voices